18 October 2022


It is with pleasure and a great deal of pride that I am not only writing to you - our future members - for the first time, but that I am doing so to introduce you to a concept so special words hardly do it justice.  A holistic wellness escape, nestled within the rolling hills of our very own Daylesford Farm, that brings together health, fitness and social enrichment together in a way that nowhere else does - this is my official welcome and invitation to you all to The Club.

My dream of The Club comes from a long standing belief in the power of wellness. From what we eat, to how we move and how we mentally restore, it can and should be our priority. But it isn’t always easy. So I envisioned a place that combines the very best therapists and world class treatments, state of the art gym equipment and personal trainers, with a social space that also facilitates meaningful connections.

I am a firm believer that our health and wellbeing goes beyond our physical selves, that respecting our planet and caring for it is where wellness really starts, so this space had to reflect our appreciation for the land it is built on. The answer was The Club and it has been designed from the inside out to be the best of its kind, sustainably created using recyclable steel frame, natural fleece insulation and Cotswold stone, and in harmony with its beautiful surroundings. 

Our ethos for The Club is B.Well, B.Wild and B.You. This reflects the equal priority we feel your health and wellbeing, hunger for adventure, challenge and fitness, and social and professional fulfilment, should take. Ultimately, it’s time for you and how this mantra manifests in your use of The Club is yours to define. Let us help you write your wellness story. 


Even as I pen this, The Club is taking form. Our 25 metre pool is soon to be filled, we also have a 340 square metres gym and a high octane spin studio being built. Best in the business trainers will help our members to achieve their goals, whilst our therapists will also be delivering the restorative treatments we know you all crave after a tough workout or a busy week; IV drips, cryotherapy and red light therapy, to name but a few.

An element of The Club I find particularly special is our connection with the enriching landscape on its doorstep. So many of our future members have demanding jobs, lives full with responsibilities that we welcome, but must balance with rest and food for the soul. Our outdoor fitness classes and challenges will be a staple in The Club’s weekly calendar. Here our members will challenge the body surrounded by a panoramic view of our farm's natural beauty. We also bring relaxation outdoors, hidden away within our apple orchard you will find our infrared sauna and contemplation pod; perfectly secluded and wonderfully peaceful. Afterwards, enjoy seasonal, organic produce sourced locally and directly from Daylesford farm at The Club restaurant.

There are almost too many features of The Club to mention in one letter to you, we will take joy in revealing them to you in the months to come as we prepare for our 2023 opening. As we do this, we will also be introducing you to the esteemed and fabulous members of The Club committee. When shaping something as ambitious as The Club it is so important to have the voices and input of those leading their respective industries. Our committee comprises some of the UKs most well known names in journalism, business, fitness, sport, fashion and beauty. Each month, we will be interviewing a committee member, sharing a snapshot of their lives and their pivotal role in shaping The Club so that, together, we bring you the best club there is. Stay with us to meet these exciting individuals and hear more from them on The Club Instagram page where we look forward to bringing you exclusive content, a small taster of what members will enjoy on the inside.

Until next time - a warm welcome to The Club; a place of natural beauty for you to embark on your wellness story.


Yours, Carole


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